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Apollo Magna

Apollo Magna solid surface worktops are stain, water and impact resistant and offer seamless joints with the added benefit that any offending marks and scratches can be simply ‘polished out’. There’s a choice of great colours and Apollo Magna, whilst only 6mm thick, will give you a worksurface that looks and feels like a much more expensive 12mm solid surface material. All Apollo Magna work surfaces come with a 10 year warranty, are completely hygienic and easy to maintain.

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Apollo Magna Solid Surfaces Grey Shale

Apollo Magna 34mm Worktops, Breakfast Bars and Accessories

£230.83 ex. VAT
Apollo Magna Solid Surfaces Ice White

Apollo Magna 34mm Worktops, Breakfast Bars and Accessories

£230.83 ex. VAT
Apollo Magna Solid Surfaces Storm

Apollo Magna 34mm Worktops, Breakfast Bars and Accessories

£255.83 ex. VAT
Apollo Magna Solid Surfaces Umbra

Apollo Magna 34mm Worktops, Breakfast Bars and Accessories

£255.83 ex. VAT
Apollo Magna Solid Surfaces White Radiance

Apollo Magna 34mm Worktops, Breakfast Bars and Accessories

£230.83 ex. VAT

Apollo Magna Sink Modules

Apollo Magna Made to Order Solid Surface Worktops, Breakfast Bars, Splashbacks, Upstands and Accessories. Delivery Normally within 3 - 5 days working days     

Apollo Magna is a solid through coloured 6mm mineral material, with the same look and feel as 12mm solid surface worktops, it has an acrylic polyester resin pigment base on a chipboard core, with a 1mm paper balancer to the underside. 

*Apollo Magna Solid Surface Worktops. Seamless joints
*Apolloa Magna excellent impact and stain resistance
*Apollo Magna Worktops. Non-porous, resistant to mould, bacteria & mildew
*Apollo Magna Worktops are easy to clean and maintain
*Scratches and marks can be polished out
*Apollo Magna option of integrated solid surface sinks
*Edged with downturn on 3 sides

Wiping the worktops clean will help build up a smoother patina, which helps improve scratch and stain resistance.

Apollo Magna Worktops Technical Specifications

We always recommend that you read the following information and take advice from a qualified fitter prior to ordering any worksurfaces. 
Apollo Magna is manufactured from mineral filled polyacrylate/polyester resins. With superior innovative designs, enduring applications and excellent long-term performance, Apollo Magna is ideal in both residential and commercial environments. Apollo solid surface has proved itself to be a remarkably durable material; it cannot delaminate and stands up well to daily wear and tear.

Apollo Magna worktops can have inconspicuous and unobtrusive joints, and due to the level of pigment in the material, give the overall appearance of seamless worktops.

Tolerance in Apollo Magna is +/- 2mm

Thermal expansion
Due to thermal expansion Apollo Magna can expand up to 1mm per metre. A gap of at least 3mm should be left at each end of the worktop when fitted and filled with decorators caulk. When Apollo Magna is joined to other materials (such as glass, steel or wood) an elastic type of adhesive, for example polyurethane is required for expansion. This is required under terms of the product warranty.

Overhangs and supports
Any overhang of Apollo Magna extending more than 300mm must be supported. Apollo Magna should be supported every 600mm.

Apollo Hob and Sink Cut outs
​​​​​​Hobs must be integrated into an Apollo Magna worksurface according to specified guidelines. Where an Apollo Magna splash back or wall cladding is installed a gap of 50mm (minimum) is required behind an electric hob or 100mm (minimum) for a gas hob. A ‘breakfront’ may be necessary to accommodate this requirement. There must be a minimum of 50mm from the cut out to the front of the worktop and a gap of 120mm between heated cut outs.

Apollo Magna upstands are fixed on site, with Apollo Magna glue or silicone. Where there are large variations in the wall profile, there may be gaps between the wall and the upstand. Plastering or tiling should ideally be completed after the worksurface installation.

Apollo Magna Worktops are scratch resistant but not scratch proof; the use of chopping boards and/or pastry mates is recommended. Dark, heavily pigmented colours will show scratches, dust and ordinary wear and tear more readily than lighter, textured forms.

Apollo Magna Staining
While most tough stains can be buffed away, a level of care and maintenance is required, as spills should be cleaned up immediately.

Apollo Magna worktops can easily be repaired. Using an ordinary abrasive cleaner and a scouring pad the surface may be fully restored to its original appearance.

Apollo solid surface worktops are a non-porous material and is naturally resistant to mould, bacteria and mildew.

Stainless Steel Sinks for Worktops 
Please specify the preferred under mounting of Stainless Steel Sinks. Silicone sealant may be rendered ineffective when plumbing the sink in, it is important that the sink is re-sealed by the plumber, or the 12 months guarantee will be invalid if the work is not carried out.

Points of note
Hob flange needs to sit on aluminium thermal insulation tape around cut-out, to avoid conducting too much heat and causing cracks in the worktop. Can be made in blanks to adjust on site without compromising any of the above – oversize on the joints then trim to suit.
Drainers are only 3mm deep and 10mm wide.
Some colours have different levels of pigmentation (particles). This may lead to a
variation in the aesthetic appearance.

10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Apollo Magna.



Common customer queries for Apollo products taken from Sheridan website

Installation Issues

Sheridan offer installer training for our modular solid surface products; both at our production facility; and through video guides available on our Youtube channel. While we offer our training freely, we sometimes encounter issues where correct process hasn’t been followed – resulting in visible joins. These include:-

Edges not cut to an exact fit – When this occurs, a join may be have an angled or uneven appearance, exposing the glue line. Many factors can cause this to happen, such as uneven tooling or walls. To avoid this happening, a dry-fit should always be performed before adhesive is used.

Joining faces not sufficiently cleaned – When the adhesive used to join worktops is contaminated, it can cause discolouration which results in a more obvious, dark-line joint between worktop sections. We provide IPA wipes with our installation kits to fully clean any connecting faces before adhesive is used.

Join is excessively wide – The join itself should be so thin as to be almost imperceptible. Essentially, the glue used should only function as a binding agent, and not as a filler for the gap between the two worktop sections. Correct use of G-clamps or suction cups should ensure that the worktops are held together tightly during the entire curing process; which prevents this issue from occurring.

Incorrect glue – This issue is often misdiagnosed. While the glue variants provided for use with specific materials are designed to be discreet, they are not exact colour matches. Essentially, the glue-line itself should be so thin that as long as the colour is roughly the same tone as the worktop; the join should be invisible at normal viewing distances. If you think the right glue might not have been used, you can check the recommended colours in the consumables > Apollo Solid Surface Adhesive section of our website.

My glue isn’t a colour match for my worktop!

While we supply a range of glues which are each recommended for specific styles of Apollo Slab Tech and Apollo Magna, these are not intended to be an exact colour match.

The reason for this, is that with a successful installation, the glues should never be visible on the top edge of the work-surface.

One of the common complaints we receive is that there is a visible line where two sections of Apollo Magna or Apollo Slab Tech meet. This only occurs when the two sections have not been properly clamped together during installation.

I’ve just had a worktop fitted, and there are small holes along the joins?

A similar complaint is that after installation, small bubbles or holes appear where the sections have been joined. This occurs when the worktop sections haven’t been properly tightened, and the glue has been essentially used to fill the gap rather than purely as an adhesive.

As the glue dries out and loses its’ natural moisture, the body of glue reduces in size, creating small holes or pores which are visible from the surface. These can occur both on joints, and where end-panels have not been properly affixed.

Apollo returns: seven days from delivery.

For further information regarding Apollo Magna Made to Order Solid Surface Worktops or other products in the Apollo range, please contact our sales helpline;

0345 269 7517 (option 1)  

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